Do you Dream of Retiring or Living in Mexico?

You could spend weeks and months watching Youtube videos and asking questions in Facebook groups, or you can take the creating your MexitPlans course and get the answers you are looking for now. The course streamlines the process of acquiring the quality up to date information you need to make a confident and successful transition which means you will have more time to spend with your love ones before you move.

Who Is this course for?

  • The Soon To Be Retired

    In this new chapter, will you volunteer, play pickleball, or learn to paint? The Creating Your Mexit Plans Course allows you to create the roadmap from your current home to your future retired life in Mexico.  The course provides straightforward strategies for residency in Mexico, packing and shipping, long-term housing, health insurance, banking, technology, transportation options, and much more. In addition, you will receive contacts and free consultations from vetted industry experts in shipping and logistics, immigration, real estate, and transportation.

  • Families

    The hardest lessons learned are often the most expensive. The stakes are too high to miss a step, and your child’s future opportunities depend on this move being a smooth transition. The course provides a roadmap of the entire process of moving to Mexico, from measuring your motivational, financial, and lifestyle readiness to adjusting to your new expatriate life in Mexico, which will equip you with tools to handle the obstacles along the way.

  • First Time Remote Worker

    Working remotely from another country has challenges, such as finding reliable internet, which technologies you need to work from a new country effectively, and navigating the long-term rental market to find a new home that will work for you and allow you to work from it. The course provides detailed step-by-step strategies for finding a long-term rental or purchasing a home in Mexico. Also, there are sections on technology and strategies for every phase of the move.

Plan Your Move To Mexico With Complete Confidence

8 Chapters Covering 24 Months of Milestones

    1. 18+ Months out from Mexico

    2. What is your “Why?”

    3. Finances- The 50,000 Foot View

    4. Location, Location, Location! What area of Mexico is right for you?

    5. Budgets

    6. Income

    7. License to Fly

    1. 12 Months Out Introduction

    2. Cultural Considerations- Things you need to know to avoid culture shock

    3. What’s Your Style Of Living?

    4. Exploratory Trip Part 1-Mindset

    5. Exploratory Trip Part 2- Timing

    6. Exploratory Trip Part 3-How To Conduct a successful trip

    1. 9 Months Out Introduction

    2. All Things Legal

    3. Divestment- Tips for selling assets

    4. Healthcare In Mexico

    5. Healthcare Quiz

    6. Insurance

    7. Mexico Insurance Quiz

    8. Technology-Part 1 Cell Phones

    9. Technology-Part 2

    1. 6 Months Out Introduction

    2. Traditional Immigration Process Outside of Mexico: Part 1

    3. Traditional Immigration Process Outside of Mexico: Part 2

    4. Immigration: Foreign National Registry

    5. The Art of Packing and Purging

    1. 3 Month Introduction

    2. How to Bank & Exchange Money Before You Have Your Residency

    3. Transition Tips

    4. The Landing Spot

Includes 30 Page Workbook

  • $497.97
  • 61 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


“ Taking the MexitPlans course gave me the confidence to finally take the next steps. Before taking the course, I had been in “analysis paralysis” for two years trying to figure out all of the intricacies of such a big move, and at some points, talking myself out of it. After watching Monté’s YouTube videos and seeing how helpful he is in Facebook groups, I knew investing in his course would give me a more in-depth, procedural way of going through this process (something my Type A personality needs). All of the questions and fears I had about the residency process, banking in Mexico, looking for a place to stay, schools for my daughter, and more were answered in the course. The course is also so well-designed that I didn’t feel confused or overwhelmed at any point. The micro-learning approach Monté uses is straight to the point, personable, and informative. The course allowed me to move from the exploration phase to signing my lease for my new Merida home and receiving my temporary residency next week! Thank you, Monté for such a great course and for your attention to detail. It was a game changer.”

Karmen C.

“The Create Your MexitPlan course provides invaluable information and is a true timesaver! Monte has done a great job thinking of and putting together a course that actually delivers. I love it’s easy to follow format and action items that keeps you engaged. Save yourself some time and energy and get THIS course if you’re planning to move to Mexico! You’ll want and need this information from someone that’s been through the process, actually knows and shows you how you can do it! Highly recommend!!!”

Chauntel M.

“When I decided I wanted to move to Mexico, I went to Google, which led me to YouTube. I found Monte’s channel. I was in awe of how much content he had. He seemed to have videos on every topic I was researching. I started binge-watching it like a Netflix show. I love that he had bite-sized videos. After seeing the effort he put into creating these videos, I knew I had to schedule a coaching call with him. I’m so glad I did. I had a long list of questions, and he had answers for every single one of them. When I went in for my Visa interview, I was over-prepared. I had everything that was required, so it literally took 15 minutes. Thank you, Monte, for helping me realize a long-awaited dream. Bernadette L. H.”

Bernadette H.

“I first met Monte through his YouTube channel MexitPlans. I was really impressed by his knowledge and the type of practical information he was sharing for those of us thinking of making Merida our retirement destination. On our first visit to Merida in January of this year my husband and I arranged to meet up with Monte for a several hour chat/tour. Monte is incredibly easy to be with and was extremely helpful! I would definitely recommend connecting with him if you’re thinking of moving to the Merida area. We’ll be picking his brain more in the future I’m sure! I give him a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating! ”

Heather P.

“Monte you’re so great I’ve been watching you for at least the past year. I moved to Centro almost two weeks ago and your videos have been invaluable, your advice is second to none. Keep up the great vlogs!!”

Malcolm N.

“Finally arrived in Merida yesterday. For those of you still in the research phase, ready to move, or planning a short visit, please work with C. Monte Raynor he made this transition so smooth and seamless. His site also is a wealth of information I can tell all of the effort and love he put into it, thanks to you and your family Monte!”

Leah M.

“We followed Monte's Mexiplan videos on YouTube for quite a while before we came to Merida, Mexico to settle into our new condo. We contacted him directly to ask a few questions here and there and it wasn't until then did we realize how much more there was to Mexiplan than YouTube videos.  Reliable Wi-Fi services was crucial to us and it was only with his help that we understood the complexity of what was installed in our new real estate purchase. His expertise and personal experiences in Merida brought us peace of mind to our transition.  He even visited us personally to evaluate what we had instead of making any assumptions based on our limited knowledge in the IT industry. We highly recommend his services.  Tim and Vera”

Tim & Vera K.

“I recommend the 1:1 to anyone who is serious about making the move or anyone who is still considering it but needs additional context or has a unique situation. Monte is a wealth of information and has a wide network of resources to get you the answers you need. He's the real deal — you won’t be disappointed. ”

Cecilia C.


Monte Raynor

Hi! I am Monte Raynor. I am a father of four, a husband of 27 years and counting, an entrepreneur, and a recent immigrant to Mexico. In 2019, my wife, daughter, and I executed our Mexico Exit Plans (MexitPlans) and moved to Merida, Mexico, from Atlanta, Georgia.

For the last four years, I’ve been researching the everyday challenges of moving to Mexico. During my transition to Merida, I documented every step along the way so I could one day help people realize their dream of living in Mexico.

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